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"First serve the humanity.  Then come to spirituality.  If they're not serving the humanity, they're not eligible to come to the spirituality.  Standard law.  It's a golden statement.  Let's pray, yourself, pray for the humanity."

-  Sri Kaleshwar

Healing For You and Your World, Now

You Are A Divine Soul

As A Human, Being



Meditation Classes


Personal Healing Sessions


Humanity is suffering as the planet is suffering.  

The solutions come more readily by redirecting the focus of our consciousness.

Ancient formulae, held in confidence by a lineage of enlightened teachers 

dedicated to the healing of humanity,

are now available through the Divine Grace of an embodied teacher,

Sri Kaleshwar, and his teacher, Shirdi Sai Baba.

Your soul is begging you to open to your pre-existing Divine Truth.

The growth of your soul requires commitment.  

We are committed to you learning a practical and powerful way to address

the suffering in the world, both personal and global.


Juanita Purdy

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